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Live Cryptocurrency Prices

Live cryptocurrency prices of the most famous cryptocurrencies. Each coin has its own pricing page showing the live value of the coin. The data is retrieved in real-time and is therefore up-to-date. It is also possible to see the full historical price of the currency. This can be done by using the interactive chart. All prices are available in euros and dollars.

Cryptocurrency Prices Live in Euro and Dollar

Cryptocurrency PricesCheck out the full history of your favorite coin to do good research on a project and make a well-researched choice. The cryptocurrency prices can be used for technical analysis or to recognize patterns on the charts. We receive our data from multiple external sources. Bitvavo’s data is generally used for the price charts. This is only the case when the exchange offers the coin on the website. The graph makes it possible to look back the entire history until the listing. With the interaction chart you can decide whether you look back 1 day, 7 days or 30 days. A useful feature is that you can also select YTD, which allows you to view performance from the beginning of the current year.

The other live data comes from CoinCompare. This website aggregates the cryptocurrency prices of every coin listed. We show multiple graphs that come from this source. In addition to the current price, you can view the performance of the past 24 hours, the past week and month. This is shown in a percentage. It also shows the opening price, which is the highest and lowest price today and what the last known price is.

The volume is also shown from the last 24 hours and the total market capitalisation. You can easily switch between euro and dollar by using the interactive widget.

In the table of historical cryptocurrency prices shows the prices, volume and percentage difference of last week. This information is useful to recognize trends or patterns in the short term.

We show more than just the cryptocurrency prices

On this page you can choose the desired cryptocurrency price of your choice, like Bitcoin or dozens of different altcoins. Click on the image and you will be directed directly to the price page. Our goal is to create a separate page for each coin, in order to show all the necessary information on 1 page. We are doing our best to realize this. If you miss data, please let us know. Feedback is more than welcome.

The individual price pages are carefully written and not only show the last known price. On the pages you will also get more information about the project and the price history. Like the history of the cryptocurrency prices and expectations for the future. There are many factors that influence prices, so it is useful to have all the information together.

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