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Buy cryptocurrency safe and secure

Welcome to a world that is growing in popularity: The world of cryptocurrency. While at the same time, it is getting harder to know how to buy cryptocurrency and trade it. We use tutorials to explain how you can get your cryptocurrency in a safe and reliable way and where you can buy it at the cheapest price. This includes reviews from well-known brokers and exchanges, but also tips and tricks about how you can safely store and manage your crypto. All reviews are completely independently and objectively, so you still have control over which broker or exchange suits you best. The choice is yours. The tutorials and guides we post can help you store your cryptocurrency more securely and can even provide free Bitcoin or tokens. Navigate easily through the website by clicking on the headings or by using the menu in the sidebar. We want to inform you that investing in cryptocurrency is very risky and all the information on this website is strictly for educational purposes (please read our full disclaimer before using this website).

How to buy crypto?

Easily buy crypto without any technical knowledge in only 5 minutes!

Choose a broker

We recommend the cheapest broker of Europe Bitvavo. Low service costs, built-in wallets and good reviews.

Deposit credit

Deposit you credits easily with credit card, SOFORT, MyBank, GiroPay, iDEAL, Bancontact or bank transfer.

Buy crypto

Exchange your credits for a crypto of your choice. You now even trade the first 1000 EUR completely free of charge.

Popular cryptos to buy

Buy Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the most popular crypto on the market. You can use the coin to speculate, but it’s also possible to pay at a lot of shops. The value of this cryptocurrency is increasing and thanks to this increase, it stimulates popularity. Click on the link for more information about where to buy Bitcoin, as well as further useful facts about it.

Buy Litecoin

Litecoin can be seen as the little brother of Bitcoin. Litecoin was originally introduced to improve Bitcoin, but has not surpassed it yet. Litecoin is based on the same technique, but has some differences. Check out the page to learn more about Litecoin and its current value.

Buy Ethereum

Officially, Ethereum is not only digital money, but more like a platform that can be used together with other projects. A lot of coins we know are running on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s also possible to write programs in Solidity and run smart contracts. Ethereum was the first blockchain to support this technology. Learn more about Ether.

Buy Ripple

Ripple or XRP are coins that mainly target the financial sector. The developers behind this cryptocurrency try to simplify the complex and outdated payment system between closed financial institutes, as well as eliminating unnecessary costs, such as costs for converting a currency or service costs to be able to use banking services. 

Cryptocurrency Overview

It is advisable to first explore the market and see which cryptocurrencies are available and what suits you. The different cryptos all have their own goals, techniques, whitepapers and roadmaps. Do some research here at CryptoTips to learn more about the projects. On CryptoTips you will find more information about available coins, the techniques used and much more: Your research has never been easier.

Different cryptocurrency to buy
Buy cryptocurrency from a broker

Buy cryptocurrency from a broker

You can buy cryptocurrency from brokers (intermediaries) that purchase a lot of cryptos on the market and sell them to customers for a slightly higher price. Other brokers have direct links with exchanges to execute your order. The advantage of this is that you can easily buy cryptocurrency with popular payment methods such as Credit Card, SOFORT, MyBank, iDEAL, Bancontact and many more. Also the platforms are easier to understand for beginners and the support is very fast and reliable. The disadvantage of this practice is that the price is slightly higher than the current market price. This fee is usually reasonable and many people are willing to pay for it in exchange for convenience. Brokers come in all shapes and sizes and differ mainly on these features: amount of coins they offer, fees, user interface/software and customer service.

Or buy crypto at an exchange?

This is a more advanced method to buy cryptocurrency and you often pay a smaller fee (the cost charged by the platform for a transaction). On an exchange you can place more advanced orders and the volume and liquidity is much higher. We have a lot of tutorials with an explanation how to start on an exchange. On an exchange you trade, for instance, Bitcoin for Ethereum to make a profit.

Trade crypto at an exchange
Special wallet for cryptocurrencies

Select a wallet

If you plan to buy cryptocurrency, you have to be able to store and manage your crypto securely. You can store your coins with a broker, at an exchange or in a wallet under your control. With an online storage, you are always dependent on the service provider and therefore also dependent on external factors, such as if this company has up-to-date security. You can also choose to store your coins under your own control in, for example, hardware wallet, which is what we recommend. Both online and offline storage is possible.

And a lot more guides and tutorials

Find out how to earn free Bitcoin and altcoins by receiving small amounts through faucets or by watching ads. These websites share their advertising revenue with their visitors by paying small Bitcoin amounts that can add up considerably. There are specially designed Bitcoin casinos where you can gamble with popular Bitcoin games. In addition, this website contains much more information, tips, tricks and investment methods for cryptocurrency. So feel free to take a look at the website and learn more about crypto.

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