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  1. John Tsaousis
    16 April 2021 @ 17:46

    I bought Orfano on my trust wallet account buy buying BNB Smartchain then transferring it over to orfano via pancake swap. I successfully purchased it but it won’t let me see how much money I have in it. It only shows me how many coins I have in it. I then transferred some of my orfano coin back to BNB smart chain and it went through successfully but it shows that it is worth 0 BNB. Is this coin worth nothing to my wallet and have I basically wasted all of my money investing in it, because I can’t seem to see any value of my coin in my wallet.

    How can I get my money back from Orfano, or is that not possible?

    Thanks for the help!


      18 April 2021 @ 13:42

      Hi John,

      You can check the value of Orfano by going to PancakeSwap, select Orfano on top and BNB below it. You can see the value in BNB.


  2. Jamie
    30 April 2021 @ 17:13

    I swapped via Pancakeswap, but now there’s no balance in Trust and my BNB balance is also gone. Where can I find the new balance?


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