Wallet Overview

To store your cryptocurrency, you need a wallet. This is a digital wallet to store and manage your coins. With your wallet you receive a unique wallet receiving address that allows you to receive cryptocurrency. Of course, it is also possible to send your coins to another account. For every different coin you will need a different wallet and they need to be held apart (there are a few exceptions). If you would send a coin to a wrong wallet that is not capable of holding the coin you can lose your coins. There are wallets you can use on different platform like an online browser (web-based), on a desktop computer with software, on your smartphone or on a hardware wallet. Your wallet does not need to be connected to the internet, even better: it is a lot safer to save your cryptocurrency offline (cold storage). On this page you can find our reviews of many different sorts of wallets, here we distinguish online wallets, hardware wallets and multicurrency wallets.