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ByBit Referral Code Exclusive $40 free crypto, 10% discount + $30k Bonus In April 2024

Please use this ByBit Referral Code and receive exclusive bonuses. You receive $40 free crypto credit (in USDT), you get a 10% discount on trading fees and you can receive a deposit bonus of up to $30,000.


Or use this link.

ByBit Promo code 2950
Bonus $40 free crypto, 10% discount on all trading fees and up to 30.000 USD exclusive bonus
Payout term Immediately after reaching the deposit amount
Conditions Deposit the required amount. For the $20 free crypto you need to deposit at least $100 and for $40 the minimum deposit is $40.

ByBit referral code promo bonus

Deposit AmountBonus
0.01 BTC$15
0.02 BTC$30
0.05 BTC$50
0.1 BTC$150
0.2 BTC$300
0.5 BTC$500
2 BTC$1,000

As a proud ByBit customer you can receive multiple bonuses up to $30.000. These bonuses you can get in 2024:

  • $40 free crypto credit when you deposit at least $400. This credit is free to spend in USDT.
  • $20 free crypto credit when you deposit at least $100. This credit is free to spend in USDT.
  • 10% discount on trading fees.
  • Up to $30,000 in deposit bonuses. This can be used to pay for fees. There is almost always a bonus available for new traders with this referral code.

To claim the bonus you have to do a small tasks, such as joining their social media channel. We tell you later in this article which bonuses you’ll get after entering the referral code. Please note that you have to claim the bonus yourself.

We have an exclusive deal with ByBit and we can give our readers a 10% discount on their trading fees. Only traders who use our promo code can profit from this deal. The 10% discount will be credited to your account as a cashback, after every trade you open.

ByBit is a trading platform for cryptocurrency derivatives. It was established in March 2018 and is relatively new. ByBit aims to serve everyone from individual retail clients to professional derivatives traders by providing a fair, transparent and efficient trading environment. Currently, they are offering BTC, ETH, XRP, and EOS.

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So basically, the ByBit referral code in April 2024 is 2950 and by using the promo you can get a discount on trading fees and bonuses. 

What bonus do I get with the referral code?

New users can profit from various types of sign-up bonuses up to $30k. Check out the different promotions.

Receive up to $40 free crypto credit

This is an exclusive promotion for new users. All new users who deposit crypto, dollars or Euros worth $100 will receive $20 crypto credit in USDT for free. This is freely withdraw-able and can be invested in 1 or more cryptocurrencies. This will give you a small push in the right direction.

Bybit makes it more interesting. When you deposit at least $400 of crypto or fiat, you will receive 40 USDT into your account.

10% discount on trading fees

This is another exclusive promotion and is unfortunately valid for a limited time. You will receive the 10% discount on fees for at least 1 month. After that you pay the full amount. You receive the discount through a cashback. So you pay the fees first and that will be refunded afterwards.

$30,000 deposit bonus

Large traders can benefit from extra deposit bonuses. For this you do need high volumes and a lot of capital. 

As a new user you can earn while you trade on ByBit. This bonus is based on your trading volume and the amount you deposit.

  • Receive $100 by depositing $3k and trading $6k;
  • Receive $800 by depositing $20k and trading $200k;
  • Receive $100 by depositing $125k and trading $50m;
  • Receive $100 by depositing $250k and trading $150m;

And so there are many other bonuses you can receive with a ByBit promo code. This is always mentioned on the website.

The cumulative amount of all the ByBit coupons and rewards is over $30,000. Please note that you need to use your bonus for fees or margin trading. It is not possible to just withdraw your bonus. You really need to trade. The bonuses can vary from month to month.

How to register with a ByBit referral code?

ByBit provides two registration methods to its customers. One is email registration and the other is mobile registration. For registering yourself on ByBit, please follow these steps:

  • Go to the ByBit sign up page.
  • Select the option you want to select for registration: Email Registration or Mobile Registration.
  • Submit your email address and password and this ByBit referral code: 2950
  • Your referral code is automatically added while registering. If not, then you can manually add 2950 as the referral code.
  • Click on the Register button and proceed.

Bybit referral code verification

After a successful registration you can claim your bonuses:

  • For the $40 USDT you need to do a deposit.
  • For the trading fee discount of 10% you need to start trading.
  • For the $30,000 bonus you need to perform certain tasks and activate them.

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