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Buy Monero

Where can you buy Monero safe and reliable?

Monero was created in 2014 and if you take privacy seriously, then this currency is for you. It was created to keep its main focus on privacy. We have listed a few of the best platforms on this website for you to buy Monero easily and safely.

Bitladon is the best broker to buy Monero

Buy XMR fast and easy with SOFORT, MyBank, credit card, iDEAL and more.


Where can I buy Monero online?

Many platforms are selling Monero online. If you search, you will find a lot of brokers and exchanges trading Monero. We advise that you consider the broker listed on this website to buy cryptocurrencies. All the brokers available on this website are secure and reliable. You can buy your favorite cryptocurrency Monero instantaneously without any technical knowledge.

How to buy Monero (step by step)

Cheapest way to buy Monero

In the overview below you can compare Monero prices and see which broker is at this moment the cheapest. We are showing you the best rates of the moment offered by the most reliable brokers available in Europe in the table below.

Buy Monero fast

As soon as you click the buy button on your broker platform, your cryptocurrency reflects in your wallet, only if you already own one. If you don’t own a wallet, then don’t worry, all the Monero brokers listed on this website offer you wallet on their platforms. You can visit any one of them and buy your crypto coins safely and fast.

Bitladon Reviews
Fast delivery in your own wallet
Invest from € 9 in 200+ coins
Biggest offer in Europe
Save for 1.75% discount!
Anycoin Direct
Anycoin Direct Reviews
Fast delivery in your XMR wallet
Invest from € 50 in 25+ coins
Easy payment methods
Bitladon Reviews
Fast delivery in your own wallet
Invest from € 9 in 200+ coins
Biggest offer in Europe
Save for 1.75% discount!
Anycoin Direct
Anycoin Direct Reviews
Fast delivery in your XMR wallet
Invest from € 50 in 25+ coins
Easy payment methods
Buy Monero

How to buy Monero?

  1. Choose a broker
  2. Deposit with easy payment methods
  3. Exchange your credits for XMR
  4. You are a Monero owner
100% Safe brokers
Good support
Cold wallet storage
iDEAL / Bancontact
Credit Card / SOFORT
EPS / MyBank

Live broker statistics

What do you have to know before you buy Monero?

Monero solves one of the pain points of Bitcoin, which is Fungibility. Fungibility means if a Bitcoin has been used in the past, its value will not remain the same. It will degrade. Also, if you buy Bitcoin, you don’t know if it was used to purchase any illegal substances, you can be tracked by the authorities, and you can also be considered to be involved in the activities.

Monero is called a privacy coin. It is a completely secure cryptocurrency and its owners are also anonymous. Monero coins involvement in the previous transactions does not affect its value in any way. It is not possible to track the previous transaction records. All the Monero coins are of the same value. There is no less value for some and more value for others.

Right time to invest in Monero

Unique ring signatures are utilized to perform the transactions and stay anonymous. Also, the confidential recipient addresses enable the privacy of the buyer.

Most of the cryptocurrencies are decentralized up to some extent. That means there might be some miners who can mine additional coins than the other miners that will help them control a large share. In Monero’s case, mining can only be done on its own platforms, so it is looked to be more centralized than other cryptocurrencies available in the crypto world.

Investing in Monero is easier than you think. Before buying any cryptocurrency consider the following elements:

  • Decentralization
  • Fungibility
  • Privacy

Even if you don’t have technical knowledge about cryptocurrencies still you can buy Monero using reliable brokers listed on this website.

Only safe and reliable Monero brokers

Brokers need to comply with some regulations to keep the investment of their investors secure. This is why regulations are considered important in the cryptocurrency world. Brokers are required by the regulators to keep a minimum amount of liquid in case things go wrong and investors don’t pay the price of the mishap.

Price is not everything, but it matters. If you want security for your investment, then you will find brokers offering additional services to keep your currency safe from the hackers. You will find brokers giving bits of advice and services to keep your crypto safe and secure.

We have listed top-rated brokers from all over Europe to help you buy your favorite cryptocurrency easily and securely. All the platforms are reliable and trustworthy. When you choose from one of the listed brokers you will have peace of mind regarding the security of your investment.

How do I choose a broker to buy my Monero?

Buy Monero

The most crucial factors to select the brokers are listed below:

  • Fees
  • Customer service
  • Cryptocurrencies in the Portfolio
  • Multiple devices integration
  • Reliability and safety
  • Payment Methods: iDEAL, Credit Card (VISA and Mastercard), SOFORT, GiroPay, SEPA, Bancontact, EPS and Carte Bancaire.


What else can you do when one of the most secure cryptocurrencies offering ultimate privacy. When people think about buying Monero that tells volumes about them. There are people in this world that are very conscious about their privacy and take their privacy seriously. One of the unique selling points of Monero is data security. There is a limit to data security in all the major cryptocurrencies, but Monero is at the top in this regard.


When you invest in a currency you consider the security of the broker. You don’t put your hard-earned money at a platform you don’t trust. Trust and security offered by the brokers listed on our website have no match in the industry. They are a few of the secure and safe brokers available in Europe.


Price can also be a major factor in the selection of a broker. Fees of the transaction and price of the cryptocurrencies vary from broker to broker. There are brokers charging transaction fee ranging from 0.10% to 10% per transaction. Make sure you do your research before you select a broker. We have list brokers on this website offering the most competitive prices in the market. Simply choose one of them and buy your Monero at a reasonable price.

User Experience

Your experience on the platform matters the most when you buy the cryptocurrencies. If you are not tech-savvy you can select the user friendly and easy to use the platform to buy your Monero. If you are comfortable with sophisticated platforms, then you can select them, and chances are you will save some extra bucks.

We have listed best brokers on this website which offer all the major payment methods and offer the lowest rate possible in the market.

FAQ Buying Monero

Where can I buy Monero?

Brokers listed on this website offer easy to use interface which makes the buying process easy without the need for technical knowledge.

Which payment methods can I use to buy XMR?

All brokers selected and listed on this website accept major payment methods: iDEAL, Credit Card (VISA and Mastercard), SOFORT, GiroPay, SEPA, Bancontact, EPS en Carte Bancaire.

What costs are charged when buying Monero?

Normally fees ranging from 0.25% to 5% are charged by most of the brokers. Few brokers in the market charge more than 5 % for some extra services.

How long does it take before I own XMR after purchase?

At the same moment, not hours or days, you will become the owner of Monero.

What is the minimum investment amount?

As low as €1. Some brokers have a minimum limit of €25. This varies broker to broker.

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