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Bitvavo Affiliate Code: €20 Free Crypto + €10k Free Trading in April 2024

Enter the Bitvavo Affiliate code below when registering your account and trade the first 10,000 EUR for free and 20 euro free crypto:


Or click here to register with your browser.

Bitvavo referral code bonus 2024

Bitvavo Referral Code431F1F
BonusTrade the first 10.000 euros commission free + 20 euros of free crypto credit
ValidValid up to 7 days after registration.
ConditionsOnly for new accounts. Deposit at least 10 euros to get the 20 euro bonus.

The Referral Code is valid in April 2024 and can only be applied when you register a new account. Unfortunately, it is not possible to claim the bonus afterwards.

Bitvavo is the market leader in cryptocurrency in Europe. In recent years they have grown rapidly by offering the lowest trading fees in Europe. They can offer the lowest fees because of the all-in-one brokerage and exchange platform. Currently they are offering over 200 different cryptos which you can buy with PayPal, creditcard and many other payment methods.

Other advantages of Bitvavo are that you can stake your crypto via the platform, trade via the app, your wallets are insured and that they are registered with the Dutch Central bank. If you want to know more about Bitvavo, check out our extensive Bitvavo review here.

You can enter the Bitvavo referral code in the app manually or you can click the link to register an account to get the bonus.

What bonus will I receive with the affiliate code?

The Bitvavo affiliate code gives you to 20 euros of free crypto credit. This will be credited directly to your euro balance if you deposit a minimum of € 10. In addition, you may trade up to €10,000 for free on the platform, this has a value of €25 in transaction fees.

Overview discounts:

  • Welcome bonus: New users who use the affiliate code will receive a welcome bonus of €20 in crypto. This amount is immediately credited to their euro balance after a deposit of at least €10 and use of the promo code.
  • Commission-free trading: In addition to the welcome bonus, new users are allowed to trade the first €10,000 commission-free on the platform. This means they don’t have to pay trading fees for their first €10,000 in trades. This equates to a saving of up to €25 in transaction costs.
  • Extra promotions: Bitvavo sometimes offers extra promotions, such as an extra bonus for users who transfer their crypto from other platforms such as OKX or Binance to Bitvavo.

So with the Bitvavo affiliate code: 431F1F you will receive 20 euros free crypto in 2024 and you are allowed trade €10,000 free crypto (worth 25 euros).

Please note that if you do not use an affiliate code from Bitvavo then you will not receive a welcome bonus. It is not possible to add a promo code afterwards.

Example of how the affiliate code works

Imagine, you are new to Bitvavo you install the app with the affiliate code: 431F1F to take advantage of the welcome bonuses. Bitvavo is registered as a crypto provider with De Nederlandsche Bank and therefore needs to perform identity verification to see who you are.

Once you are done, you can make a deposit of 10 euros to claim the 20  euro bonus. After the 10 euro deposit you will receive 20 euros in your account. You can then convert this commission-free to one or more crypto currencies of your choice.

Overview of active Bitvavo affiliate codes in 2024

There are many Bitvavo referral codes circulating on the internet that are active in 2024. We made an overview of active Bitvavo coupons, including their welcome bonuses.

Welcome bonusAffiliate code
Free 20 euro credit and trade € 10.000 for free (0% commission) 431F1F
Free 20 euro CRYPTO
 € 1.000 commission free trading CRYPTO101
 € 10.000 commission free trading TRADE

How do I receive the bonus with the Bitvavo Referral code?

Apply Bitvavo Affiliate CodeYou can manually enter the affiliate code via the app. You do this by performing the following steps:

  • Download the Bitvavo app in the Google Play Store or App Store.
  • Open the app.
  • Click Register.
  • Enter your real name and click Continue.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Enter the following Referral code: 431F1F
  • Click on Continue.

Your account is registered and you just need to confirm your email. If you are not using the app, you can click on this link to receive the bonus.

YouTube video

Extra € 500 bonus when you transfer your crypto from OKX or Binance

As of July 17, 2023, Binance will no longer be available in the Netherlands, and the OKX exchange has also had to cease its operations in the country. This has left many crypto investors wondering where to turn next. Fortunately, Bitvavo has stepped in with an exciting welcome promotion to make the transition smoother.

For a limited time, anyone who transfers their crypto tokens to the Bitvavo platform will receive an impressive 10% APY. This means that you can earn an extra return of approximately 0.03% per day on your deposited cryptocurrency.

Participating in this promotion is easy and can be done in just three simple steps:

  1. Create an account with Bitvavo
  2. Deposit your OKX or Binance assets directly onto the Bitvavo exchange
  3. Receive an immediate 10% APY interest on your cryptocurrency

The sooner and the more you deposit, the more you can earn. Bitvavo has set a maximum interest limit of €500 during this period. The payout will be automatically processed on August 15th. It is important to note that withdrawing your cryptocurrency before this date may result in exclusion from the promotion.

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